crime doesn’t pay

A US slogan particularly associated with the radio crime series The Shadow, in which it was spoken by The Shadow at the end of each broadcast (see quot. 1937), and with the cartoon detective Dick Tracy (see quot. 1954).

1892 Catholic World Dec. 364 Until our laws are so made and executed as to prove that crime doesn’t pay..then only will religion and out the great plan of creation.

1905 Harper’s Weekly 18 Feb. 231/2 If only Christopher had stuck to Sherlock Holmes it would have been impressed upon him that crime doesn’t pay, and that the cleverest criminal gets caught.

1937 E. H. BIERSTADT Shadow: Death House Rescue 26 Sept. (script of radio broadcast) 18 The weed of crime bears bitter fruit... Crime does not pay... The Shadow knows... (Laugh).

1954 S. BECKER Comic Art in America 5 Dick Tracy is the daddy of all cops-and-robbers strips, and Chester Gould..has been announcing to the world since 1931 that crime does not pay.

1959 Times Literary Supplement 12 June 356 War, like crime, may not pay, but that does not make the problem of preventing it any easier.

2001 Country Life 20/27 Dec 85 We hear of..David Steele’s meanness (he was known as ‘Crime’ because he never bought a drink - ‘Crime doesn’t pay’).

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